Winery Waste Water

Wastewater management is inextricably linked to efficient winery operations and sustainable profit. It is as much a business issue as an environmental or technical matter.


Tulbagh Winery’s 3000m3 waste water treatment pond causing significant community impact::

  • Strong unbearable odors permeate community around the site due to years of dumping post production, untreated solids and liquids into pond.

The municipality ordered remediation of the problem within 12 months. In absance of the remdiation the owner is risking a shut down of the production facility.  All available solutions on the market have been tried for more than 10 years to remedy the problem – without success.


High dissolved oxygen presence in the water is the key for aerobic digestion process and for reduction of COD/BOD in aeration lagoons of the secondary water treatment. The smaller the pond, the easier it is to become anearobic. Small ponds have an even greater need for aeration.

Based in the assesment of the site and water analysis data, our team of experts recommended 120 days treatment of the pond with MK1 Ultra Fine Bubble Generator to the Winery management.

The objectives of the treatment were to:

  • Remove the unpleasant odor asap
  • Increase the pH level to 7 – 7.5
  • Reduce sludge layer at the bottom
  • Restore the natural balance of the pond


Objectives 100% achieved.

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