Waste Water Treatment

Our innovative technologies and solutions resolve existing waste water treatment problems 1200% more effectively, radically reduce sludge and consumption of energy and chemicals.

Our technological innovation take advantage of the natural phenomenon of dissolution of extremely small gas particles in water, which drastically improves the oxygen transfer efficiency.

High oxygen presence in the water is the key for aerobic digestion process and for reduction of COD/BOD in aeration lagoons of the secondary water treatment

Our technology provides 12 times more efficient COD/kWh removal than any other existing aeration technology on the market today


80.000 time higher oxygen transfer rate

1200% more efficient than any comparable solution (certified result by water treatment experts)

90% energy & sludge reduction

90% operational costs savings

See detailed results in the case study


No chemicals

No biological agents

No filters

100% natural
Brochure Waste Water Treatment