Pond Restauration

For golf course operators, proper ornamental pond and irrigation pond maintenance is an important aspect of grounds maintenance. Although ponds and lakes may not be as important to the golfer as the turfgrass, a pond that is not properly maintained can leave a negative impression.


Westlake Golf Club 1000 m3 ornamental pond problems:

Strong unpleasant odors
Green murky water due to the presence of green algae
Accumulation of 1m bottom sludge (muck).

No solution could provide resolve the problem. Operator forced to empty the pond annually to remove the sludge.


It is important to remember that ponds and lakes themselves are small ecosystems, and therefore, dissolved oxygen is key,  as it helps encourage the growth of beneficial local bacteria.

The smaller the pond, the easier it is to become eutrophic. Small ponds have an even greater need for aeration.

Based in the assesment of the site and water analysis data, our team of experts recommended 60 days treatment of the pond with MK1 Ultra Fine Bubble Generator to the Golf Club management.

The objectives of the treatment were to:

  • Remove the unpleasant odor asap
  • Remove the green algae and restore the water clarity
  • Reduce sludge layer at the bottom
  • Restore the natural balance of the pond


pond-resultsObjectives 100% achieved.

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