MK3 Ultra Fine Bubble Generator

Bubbles in diameter smaller than 1 μm are called Ultra Fine Bubbles (UFB) or nano-bubbles. Ultrafine bubbles have many highly interesting features: they can stay in a liquid for a long time (several months), they are electrically charged, and are extra highly pressured.

These new features allowed the development of revolutionary new solutions for water cleaning applications.

MK3™ is an innovative Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB) Generator designed for the drinking water purification, water tank aeration, food disinfection, cleaning of swimming pools, and for other useful applications.


  • 100% health risk free water treatment
  • No chlorine and other chemicals required
  • Totally natural, residual free process
  • Odour free process
  • Chlorine scents free process
  • Increased efficiency and lifespan of filters
  • Increased coagulant efficiency
  • Kills faster and more efficient also chlorine-resistant pathogens
  • Decomposes heavy metals (ex. Fe, Cu)
  • Decomposes pesticides
  • Decompose phenols


  • Increases yield in fish farming
  • No chemical or biological agents required
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple and improved operations
  • Low Energy Consumption (1,1 kW/h)
  • Can be powered by solar panes
  • Simple maintenance
  • Small in size and mobile


  • Size (mm):  312 (H) x 196 (W) x 560 (L)
  • Weight: 13,9 kg
  • Power Source: 220V PH 1 50Hz
  • Output: 1.100 Watts
  • Capacity (Q): 30 m3/hr
  • Bubble Size range: 25 – 300 nm
  • Average size:  113 nm
  • Concentration: 92 000 000 Bubbles/ml


See MK3 in action: