Borehole Water

Groundwater is one of the wolrd’s most important natural resources and is an important source of drinking water for mostly-rural populations that supply their own domestic water from local wells.


Rusgenot tranport company in Western Cape province of South Africa is using borehole water for drinking and snaitary water for its headquarter offices.

The existing borehole water treatment solution cannot take the iron out of the borehole water, which is their biggest problem and it cannot take all bacteria out.  The bacteria was founf in the borehole water because of the leaking septic tank on the property contaminatig ground water.


When chlorine is used for water disinfection, it produces carcinogenic THMs as by product. Instead, ozone can be used as a disinfectant, decolorizer, deodorizer, detoxifier, precipitant, coagulant and for removing tastes. Furthermore, ozone does not leave any residuals as it dissolves into oxygen.

Based in the assesment of the site and water analysis data, our team of experts recommended treatment of the well water with MK3 Ultra Fine Bubble Generator with Ozone generator. The objectives for the treatment were to:

  • Remove the pathogenes
  • Remove Iron
  • Reduce use of chlorine, number of treatment steps and filters
  • Reduce treatment costs


Objectives 100% achieved.

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